At St. Thomas Primary School we are committed to ensuring that every child receives the best possible education. Every person is unique and special and a one size fits all behaviour policy can not entirely reflect the needs of the individual. However, we recognise that children learn best when they feel safe and happy and the ways we manage behaviour identifies the boundaries to make this possible.


The expectations for behaviour apply to the whole school community both adults and children and are centred on the core values of the school:

  • Respect – we value other people, belongings and the environment around us
  • Equality – we are all equal, no matter who we are
  • Aspiration – we aim to be the best we can be – every day
  • Community – we know about the groups we belong to and our responsibilities
  • Harmony – we value differences in each other and the power of working together

To help achieve these values, these are some of the strategies that the school uses to achieve a positive learning environment.


SEAL sessions; Circletime; Class Charters; Playground Charters; Curriculum Differentiation; Peer Mentors; Peer Massage.


Praise; Whole class treats; Stampers; Lunchtime stampers; Celebration Assembly; Star of the Week


Language of Choice; restorative justice

If you are interested in learning more about this, please follow the link to our Managing Behaviour Policy >> Behaviour Policy